Fight Like a MotherEffer: Struggle To Triumph

In Fight Like a MotherEffer, Greg Michelman recounts his gritty and hopeless hardships as a homeless teen on the mean streets of New York and the insight he developed to survive. Each chapter features real-world advice based on his experience to help you thoughtfully conquer even your biggest and most intimidating demons. You will learn how these demons are actually a superpower, leading you to discover the best version of yourself. Keep reading for the wisdom to: Change your life for the better. Improve your relationships. Dial in your fitness. Learn how to have hard conversations. Consistently work on your goals? Better understand the power of mindset and behavioral coaching. Greg’s story isn’t a tragedy. Quite the opposite. His edgy storytelling will leave you astonished at how he learned to thrive in one of the most unforgiving areas in the world to become the mindset coach he is today.
About the Author

Greg Michelman

Greg Michelman is a Husband, Step-dad to 2 amazing kids, and an entrepreneur.
He’s the proud owner of GMAK Industrial Burner Services Inc. Which is an industrial Plumbing and Heating company. Over the past 15 years, he has worked tirelessly to build a reputation throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC, providing top-notch service, troubleshooting, and installation. He learned this business from his step-father who spent 50+ years servicing NYC. As he scales his company, he often displays gratitude for the business, which has provided so much for his family.
He’s also the host of the podcast “The Traded Life” where he interviews fellow entrepreneurs, adventure seekers, and tradesmen.
His work ethic and love of community have led him to where he is now and he’s just getting started!!
“Make today the greatest day ever, because tomorrow is never Promised!!”